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Swarovski Lifelong Bow korvakorut 5447083

Tuotenumero: _20109972

Looking for a modern and meaningful gift this Valentine's Day? The Lifelong Bow collection uses the bow motif as a flirtatious and fun symbol of love. Sophisticated and romantic, yet playful and youthful, this pair of long-length pierced earrings exudes cool glamour with its sleek lines, 3D silhouette, and mix of rose gold and rhodium plating. Perfect for thoughtful gift-givers, or for treating yourself.

Tuotemerkki: Swarovski
Tuote: Korvakorut, tappikiinnitys
Materiaali: Metalliseos
Korkeus (mm): 60
Toimittajan koodi: 5447083

99,00 €