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Swarovski Crystal Lake Watch 5416009

Tuotenumero: _20096723

Inspired by the beauty of crystal, Swarovski have created a one-of-a-kind watch that truly epitomizes our artistry and quality. The Crystal Lake timepiece features a stunning dial crafted from a single piece of sparkling sapphire crystal. Unique and beautiful, the dark gray dial takes center stage in the design, bound with a minimalistic rose gold-plated round case and an uncomplicated black leather strap. Elegant, feminine, and modern, it will stamp your look with fresh and luxurious appeal. Specifications: Case - 35 mm; Water resistant up to 50 m; K1 Mineral Glass; Swiss made.

Tuotemerkki: Swarovski
Tuote: Rannekello
Materiaali: Teräs, nahka
Malli: Swiss Made
Vesitiiviys: 50M
Ranneke: Nahka
Kellotaulu: Musta
Taulun koko: 35 (mm)
Takuu: 2 vuotta koneistolle, vuosi paristolle
Toimittajan koodi: 5416009

239,20 € 299,00 €

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